What to Include in a Bridal Dress Budget

Shopping in bridal stores Burlington can be exciting. However, to keep the excitement from clouding your decision you need to start by setting a budget. The purpose of a budget is to help refine your search. You should avoid stores and gowns that are out of your reach. While the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,000, without alterations, how should you set your budget?

What to include

Knowing what to include in the budget is the key to coming up with an effective budget. For most people, their budget only includes the cost of getting the bridal gown. They forget about the cost of alterations, accessories and other things. As you set your budget, here are the key things you must include:

  • Cost of alterations

On average, alterations cost about $500. This cost is not included in the final price. If your dress costs $1,000 and you end up doing alterations worth $500, then the cost of the dress will be $1,500. The cost of alteration can be more if you want to make drastic changes to the dress. Alterations may include changing the neckline and sleeves as well as lengthening the train or adding other decorative details.

  • Undergarments

Bridal lingerie is not cheap. For you to feel comfortable and sexy on your big day you have to wear the right undergarments.

  • Accessories

Without the right accessories the look will be incomplete. You need to account for the cost of getting pieces that will accentuate your wedding day style. Start by getting the right shoes then find the best jewelry and headpiece.

  • Cleaning and preservation

After the wedding you will definitely want to get your dress cleaned and preserved. Needless to say, this will cost money. It costs about $200 to get light cleaning and about $500 for full detail cleaning and preserving. Account for this in your budget.

Add some breathing room

As you shop in bridal stores Burlington, things will not go as swimmingly as you would want. That is why your budget needs to include some breathing room. Adding cushion to the limit will give you more freedom as you try on different gowns.

The above points will help set a good budget for your wedding dress. However, for the budget to work you must seek help from the experts at the Burlington bridal stores. Let them know what your budget is so that they can give you dresses that are within your limit. You must also refrain from trying on dresses that are out of your financial reach. If you fall in love with them settling for a cheaper dress will be hard.

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