Wedding Dresses Oakville – Why You Should Buy Instead of Renting a Wedding Dress

When shopping for wedding dresses Oakville you usually have two options: you can rent the dress or buy one. While each option offers its share of pros and cons, it mostly makes more sense to buy rather than renting. Here are the main reasons why you should buy.

You get more options

While you will save money when renting wedding dresses Oakville, your options will be more limited that you would like. If you are a picky shopper or need a specific style, then renting is not the option for you. The best thing about buying is that you can pick out the dress that works for you and make all the alterations you want. With renting you will have very limited options. You will also not be able to make the alterations you need. Consequently, you will be walking down the aisle in something that is somewhat forced to you.

No size constraints

As aforementioned, your options are quite limited when renting. You will only be able to rent the dresses that are available for renting. This means if you are a plus size or petite, you may have a hard time finding the dress that fits you perfectly. The worst thing is that you will not be allowed to adjust the size when renting. Buying means, you own the dress and you can make all the alterations you need so that the dress fits like a glove.

You will not be responsible for damages

The thing about renting wedding dresses Oakville is that you will be responsible for any damage that befalls the dress. Needless to say, accidents happen. They range from lipstick stains and wine spills to torn hems and busted seams. After the wedding, you will be charged for the damages to the wedding dress. While insurance may cover some of the issues, you may be responsible for the significant damages. On the other hand, when you buy your own wedding dress you will be at peace knowing there are no consequences if something bad happens to it.

Party extra fees may apply

While it costs less to rent a wedding dress, the renting fees can really add up if you don’t pay attention. In addition to paying for damages, you will also pay for insurance, shipping, late fees and so much more. At the end of the day you may end up paying close to what you may have paid to buy a dress.

Yes, there are some advantages of renting but it makes more sense to buy wedding dresses Oakville. Weigh your options keenly and be objective before making your choice.

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