Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Pregnant Brides

Are you pregnant and searching for the ultimate bridal gowns Burlington? Attaching the word maternity is the greatest obstacles in looking for a wedding gown. You as the bride will want to look radiant and not compromise any personal style which is pretty much a universal request of every bride. When you are planning a wedding with a bun in the oven, it is hard enough with pregnancy hormones thrown in to the mix. To help you get rid of the stress that comes along with shopping for the dress of your dreams, we have some tips that will guide you through in finding the maternity wedding dress that best suits you.

Call the bridal salon first

Choosing the right bridal shop is the first step in finding your dream bridal gowns Burlington. Brides want to wear something timeless and classic, while also incorporating their own unique style.  Call before you visit the bridal salon to confirm what they offer at the store and to schedule an appointment. This will help the staff be ready for you and also save you and your stylists’ time once you are at the bridal store.

Choose the right silhouette if you want to conceal your bump

While most expectant brides prefer to hide their growing bellies, other brides want a wedding gown that shows their bump in all its glory. If you fall into the first category and don’t want to expose your growing tummy, a strapless empire waist dress with a lace is a great choice. The empire waist will not only highlight the smallest part of your torso, but the nature of the fabric will create a light illusion, taking the focus off the lower part of the bride’s figure.

Know your fabrics

Fabrics play a big role when it comes to the comfort and feel of your maternity bridal gowns Burlington. Heavy satins and stiff laces can be uncomfortable and difficult to move around with when you are carrying some extra will be wise to find materials that will give you a comfortable fit and room to grow without constricting your baby bump. Gowns in lighter fabrics such as tulle, chiffon and stretchy jersey among others, will carry you smoothly through the day.

Choose the right silhouette to flaunt your bump

If you are among those brides that want to showcase their bundle of joy and still rock their shimmery gown, well you can talk to your consultant about the preferably wedding gown that you want. Get a gown that allows swift movement, softness and comfort. Find out how many fittings you will need to make sure that your gown fits perfectly and flatters you without being too tight.

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