Ways to Spot Counterfeit Bridal Dresses Dundas

Ways to Spot Counterfeit Bridal Dresses Dundas

Are you worried about being scammed? Sadly, you should. Brides are known to be very excited and they are more vulnerable emotionally than all other fashion consumers. It is this reason that has seen many scammers step into the niche in an effort to make quick money from the naïve shoppers. If you are shopping for wedding dresses Dundas, it is a good thing to start by understanding how to spot counterfeit dresses from the original.

Bad reviews

When shopping online for wedding dresses Dundas, you should start by doing a background check on the online store. Check for reviews about the bridal store Dundas. Most of the review sites you find using search engines are not legitimate. Some are paid to give good reviews. Therefore, to get accurate information on a store, make use of discussion forums and other sites updated by consumers. Too many negative reviews should be a red flag. You can also ask friends about the store you are considering. You will find someone with some knowledge about the store.

Inconsistencies and inaccuracies

The web content of the site you are shopping wedding dresses Dundas from will tell you a lot about the website. If the information they give is not consistent, there is a good chance you are dealing with a con artist. You should also consider looking up the address of the bridal store Waterdown on Google map. If the site does not have a working phone number or email address, walk away.

Restock fee requirement

The return policy of the bridal store Dundas you are buying your wedding dresses Dundas from should be clear and acceptable. If the site refunds money only with a restocking fee, there is a good chance this is how they make their money by sending the wrong products or dresses that are unacceptable. A good online store should offer full money back guarantee.

All too familiar photos

If you keep seeing the picture of the same wedding dresses Dundas popping up one too many times in an online store, take time to find out where it came from. Some of the online stores are shams. Their administrators just pick general pictures they find online search and use them as their products. Know if the online seller is an authorized dealer before doing any business with him or her.

Unbelievable deals

Most stores hold annual sales. During these sales, you can find wedding dresses Dundas discounted for as much as 50%. This is common but you should think twice if the online store you are buying from offers unbelievable deals 24/7. You need to be suspicious if each dress has an associated deep discount. The important rule to remember is if it sounds or looks too good to be true, it is.

In conclusion, before you buy wedding dresses Dundas, take some time to do some background check on the store you are buying from. Does it have a bad reputation? If you can, pay the store a visit and arrange an appointment. This will help you evaluate it personally. Are you comfortable buying from it?