How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Gown?

Before you start booking appointments in bridal stores Burlington, it pays to determine beforehand how much you plan on spending. With a budget in hand you will be able to refine your search and only stick with stores that stock what you are looking for. But how much should you really spend on a wedding dress?

A fact you may already know is that bridal gowns are not cheap. This is for the simple reason that they are more than just a dress, they are an experience. To make your wedding day memorable, you have to find the perfect dress in bridal stores Burlington. Even if you have your perfect dress in mind, you need to set a budget before you start shopping. Your budget should include a bit of cushion for the unforeseen costs. To help set the best budget, here are important tips you need to consider.

Average cost of a bridal gown

The average cost of a wedding dress, including the cost of alterations, is about $1,500. Typically, alterations will cost between $500 and $600. Some alterations may cost you as much as $1,000. It all depends on the dress that is being worked and the number of alterations. With these figures in mind you will be able to get started in the right direction as you set your budget.

Factors affecting cost of a bridal gown

Why do some dresses cost more than others? This is a very important question you need to ask before you start shopping. While bridal stores Burlington will have varying price ranges, there are five key factors that determine the cost of a wedding dress.

  • Designer: Wedding gowns from high end designers tend to cost more because you are paying for top quality, exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity.
  • Fabric: Some fabrics are more expensive than others.
  • Details: The more details a wedding dress has the more expensive it will be. Decorative embellishments such as lace and beading cost more because they take more time and work to add.
  • Season: Designers debut their gown collections once or twice a year. Gowns that are new in-season will cost more.
  • Alterations: Changing the dress with alterations is not cheap.

With the above points in mind, you will be able to set a good budget. However, to keep yourself from spending more than you have set aside, always visit bridal stores Burlington that are within your budget and always inform the consultant in the store about your budget right away. The rule of thumb is to never try on gowns that are out of your budget.

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