Bridal Dresses Dundas – Wedding Fashion Rules you Can Break

Bridal Dresses Dundas

Wedding Fashion Rules You Can Break
Preparing for a wedding is often expensive and tiresome because of the fashion rules brides feel they have to adhere to. Rules are meant to be broken and the moment you break them is the time you make a lasting impression. When shopping for bridal dresses Dundas, there is a couple of wedding fashion rules you should consider breaking. Some of these rules are as follows.

Only the bride can wear white
This has been the oldest rule in wedding fashion. It is somewhat a good rule because as the bride you are supposed to stand out. Even so, the bridal dresses Dundas are unique enough to help you stand out from the rest. If you are considering white in your bridesmaids, go ahead. There have been many weddings where bridesmaids dress in cream or ivory hues or even all white and they look gorgeous. Alternatively, you can wear color in your bridal gown and have your bridesmaids wear white. The important thing is to ensure you don’t all look the same.

Don’t mix metals
A few decades ago, mixing rose gold, yellow gold and platinum was a huge no but today the trends are changing. This style has been incorporated in bridal dresses Dundas in so many ways and it works perfectly. The secret is to make sure the different colors are placed in strategic places and that they blend well. You can wear platinum earrings, a rose gold bracelet and silver details on your wedding gown. When choosing a color, you are only limited by your imagination and the more imaginative you are the more lasting the impression you will be able to make.

You must have a veil
This rule tops the traditions of wedding fashion. Almost every bride that has walked down the aisle has had a veil on. This is no longer an unbreakable rule. Just because the opportunities to wear a veil are rare does not mean you have to wear one. There are many bridal dresses Dundas that are designed to be worn without a veil. Do not be afraid of dresses that require no veil the next time you walk into a bridal store Dundas.

You have to wear heels
Your grandmother worn them, your mother worn them but you don’t have to wear them if you have the right height and dislike heels. During your wedding, you will be on your feet for nearly 10 hours. Imagine the hell you will have to persevere in high heels. If heels are worth it to you, wear them with the bridal dresses Dundas but if you don’t like them, leave them at home. You will be happier with your toes not supporting your body weight.

Most of the wedding fashion rules can be broken. However, before you do this, heed to the requirements of the person officiating your wedding. Will he be pro the design you are targeting in the bridal dresses Dundas? Talk to him or her regarding your target look and know if the look is acceptable to him/her or not.